Vietnam is a multifaceted country with fertile farmlands, rice fields, spectacular waterways in the Mekong Delta to the south, and magnificent mountains to the north. Vietnam boasts of having long shorelines with its traditional fishing villages, pristine white san beaches, luxurious resorts and historic locations such as Hue and Hoi An. Saigon is a cosmopolitan city with a vibrant night life, raucous markets, splendid restaurants, and several sites to see such as the Reunification Palace. Hanoi is another destination to visit because of its combination French and Asian architecture.
Vietnam’s tourism industry is growing at a fast pace, and the services and infrastructure are comparable to that of Western countries. But in remote parts of the country, accommodations and infrastructure are basic. Train rides are often noisy and land travel can be a bumpy ride. Traffic is also a problem especially in cities such as Hanoi and Saigon.

Vietnam Visa

What Kind of Visa Do You Need When You Travel to Vietnam? All tourists need a visit when they visit Vietnam. You can easily get a business or tourist visa without declaring an actual purpose for your trip. The tourist visa...

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