The Paradise Peak

Paradise Peak is Paradise Cruises’ is the latest junk ship from this prestigious cruise liner. The junk is a floating castle with its luxurious cabins and amenities. Guests will be pampered throughout their entire stay on Halong Bay.
Paradise Peak parallels the majesty that Halong Bay provides its visitors. Paradise Peak offers an experience that transcends even your wildest dreams.
Paradise Peak looks as gorgeous as other Paradise Cruise liners. The junk cruise has 8 elegant suites for top-notch comfort. All facilities in the junk cruise are designed to meet five-star hotel standards with matching service. The spa is spacious and creates a relaxing ambiance, and Paradise Peak is proud to say that it has the first and only fitness center and library in all of Halong Bay Cruise.
Paradise Peak contains spacious and luxurious suites to make your stay as comfortable as it can be. There are four cabins on the second deck, two on the first, and another two on the third deck. The space of the suites covers 38 m² to 42 m² with an en-suite bathroom, large bedroom, and its own dining area.
The cabins were designed with the guest in mind. Each cabin is fully furnished with amenities that will make you want to stay longer. Each cabin has a large bedroom, cupboards, tables, TV, DVD, stereo, chairs, and other comforts of home.
Accommodation Types
*Junior Suite (see details): 02
*Superior Suite (see details): 04
*Premium Suite (see details): 02
*Total Number of Cabins: 08
*Maximum Capacity: 16 Passengers
*Extra beds available for children under 12 years old (Extra charges may apply)
Aboard Paradise Peak you will be treated like royalty. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served in your cabin upon request. Spa and massage services are at your disposal anytime you wish. Paradise Peak makes sure each guest has a magical stay aboard.
Paradise Peak takes dining to a whole new level with scrumptious dishes and the best chefs that Vietnam has to offer.
Paradise Peak created an a la carte menu to meet the taste palettes of each guest. The dishes served consist of Vietnamese cuisine mixed with flavors from around the globe. Munch on delectable authentic Vietnamese dishes or fusion cuisines. Your meals are incomplete without fine wines and cocktails. Paradise Peak provides guests with choice wines and the best cocktails from all over the world.
The restaurant is located on the third deck and is capable of holding 16 guests at a time. The magnificent views add to the ambiance of each meal. Meals can be served outdoors upon request.
If you don’t want the noise of the crowds, create your own intimate breakfast by having your food delivered to your cabin or on your balcony. To add to your list of experiences, Paradise will set a barbecue for you on the Sundeck for dinner while enjoying the view. All meals are created using fresh products on the second deck.
Service & Leisure:
The service that Paradise Peak provides goes beyond any five star cruise ship. Guests will have their own private butler that listens to their every whim. The butler is on call for your entire stay on Paradise Peak. The luxurious amenities that each cabin has create an ambiance that relaxes and soothes.
The first deck is the perfect place to relax and curl up to read a book. The spa facilities and fitness center are perfect for guests who want to soothe or flex their muscles. The first deck contains lounge chairs and sofas for guests who want to let their hair down and unwind. Coffee and tea are served upon request.
Paradise Peak is home to the largest Sundeck in our entire fleet. Enjoy 360° panoramic views of Halong Bay as you enjoy a delicious meal or just relaxing after a tiring day of kayaking. If you are looking for a place to host your corporate gatherings, get togethers, or parties, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. We can host events and themed parties for you.
Paradise Cruises trademark service makes each guest feel special during their entire stay. Be pampered like kings and queens and make your stay memorable.
Spa & Fitness Service:
Paradise Peak’s first deck is dedicated to soothe your aching muscles and keep you relaxed during your entire stay. Paradise Peak continues the legacy of every Paradise Luxury boat with its premier spa facilities and services. The spa facilities provide world-class treatments for all guests. Get the best massage and spa treatment to feel relaxed and soothed.
Paradise Peak boasts of having spacious spa centers that feature large bay windows, Jacuzzis, massage rooms, saunas, and other amenities for a perfect day at the spa.

Paradise Peak Cruise Halong Bay

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