Con Dao

Con Dao, is one of Vietnam’s promising ‘up-and-coming’ destinations. Con Dai is an archipelago comprised of 15 islands situated in the South China Sea, which is 45 minutes by air from Ho Chi Minh City. The archipelago is part of the country’s pristine Marine National Parks, with miles of pristine beaches, emerald waters, and wild jungles.

Con Dao is one of the best places to see turtles in the region. Turtles swim ashore between June and September. Con Dao is also home to the large no longer used French Penal Colony and American POW complex that was used to detain political prisoners during the country’s 20th century conflicts.

The main island of Con Son was formerly known as the ‘Poulo Condor’ and is the biggest island in the archipelago. The recently opened Sis Sense Con Dao has piqued the interests of many travelers looking for deluxe accommodations. Whichever you choose, or what your budget allows, your vacation in Con Dao will be memorable because of the pristine beaches, wildlife, and delicious dishes.