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The Mekong is the largest river in Southeast Asia and the 12th largest river in the world. The Mekong is the life blood of Southeast Asia it has nourished civilizations from the past till the present. The mighty Mekong River stretches to 3,000 miles and pulses through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, China, and Vietnam. The Mekong River Basin’s size matches that of Germany and France combined. The Mekong River has provided sustenance to generations of people across Asia. The earliest settlements along the Mekong date all the way back to 2100 BC, and the first civilization date to the 1st century. In the time of the Vietnam War, the west bank of the river served as the base for attacks on the Lao Communist forces. When the war ended, the anti-communist armies crossed the Mekong and sought refuge in northern Thailand. After years of war, peace has finally arrived on the Mekong River. Much of the river remains unexplored and undeveloped. The Mekong is navigable through Vietnam and Cambodia, and offers guests with rich history and culture from these two countries. While in Vietnam, cruise the enormous Mekong Delta, and enjoy the vibrant floating markets, stilt houses, beautiful rice paddies, bustling fish farms, and magnificent fruit orchards. Relive the past as you walk through the former French colonial city of Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, and see the remnants of the Vietnam War. In Cambodia, explore and discover the secrets of a fallen empire as you wander within the walls of the ancient city of Angkor. Visit the Silver Pagoda and discover the truth about the Khmer Rouge. Aside from visiting the various temples, cruise along the Tonle River and enjoy the scenery. The Tonle Sap Lake provides guests with beautiful sceneries as it takes you through woodlands and villages.