Amazing Halong Bay – 6 Reasons to Visit

Amazing Halong Bay – 6 Reasons to Visit


Halong Bay was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its aesthetic value in 1994. The World Heritage Committee additionally recognized Halong Bay’s geomorphological and geological value in 2000. The emerald tinged waters and 3,000 islands create breathtaking surroundings and the beautiful views are worth every second of your visit.


The natural beauty of Halong Bay makes it one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world. The limestone karst formations are the result of over 3000 years of chemical reactions between water and limestone and are unique to this area.


The karst formations around the bay are not only stunning to look at, they are also perfect to explore close-up. It is a fun, exciting and magical experience to get of the cruise ship, get in a kayak or row boat and gain a different and close perspective of the rock formations. If you are interested you can also take part in rock climbing.


For an unforgettable experience on Halong Bay, select your choice of wooden junk boat and take a cruise which can last from a few hours to two nights. A junk cruise is the best way to experience the bay and options are available for any budget, from 5 star luxury to more basic cruises.


The seafood in and around Halong Bay is excellent and fresh. The food scene often takes a back seat to the scenery, but the high quality produce and high culinary standards deserve much more attention. You’ll quickly succumb to a light broth made with garlic and clam nectar with fresh octopus, tasty shrimps and crab.


Visiting a local fishing village to experience how local people go through their day will provide you with an authentic experience. You will get a peek into their way of life and maybe get a chance to catch some treats yourself or make a fish net.

ose who are interested in a mix of West and East, there’s no better way to begin a holiday than visiting the alluring capital of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. Hanoi is characterized by French-style cafes that intermingle with traditional stores selling almost anything.

Once in Hanoi, trips to Halong Bay, where towering limestone mountains are a regular scene, are aplenty. Another destination you can get to while in Hanoi is Sapa, a former French hill station, where hill tribes wear colorful costumes while working on terraced rice paddies. These noteworthy destinations add a color to the pastiche of an authentic Vietnamese experience.

Central Vietnam is home to the imperial capital of Hue. Hue offers a look back into Vietnam’s storied intellectual, spiritual, and cultural past. Hoi An will charm you with its charismatic personality that is characterized by 17th century international ports and approximately 400 skilled tailors.

The more adventurous wanderers can head further south to off the beaten tracks in the Central Highlands. Ethnic minorities in this area still live traditionally and harmoniously with nature. The spectacular scenery of mountains, forests, and waterfalls will take your breath away.

Vietnam’s southern capital, Ho Chi Minh City, is a bustling metropolis that provides you with everything you want and need, from luxury hotels to affordable guesthouses, the finest restaurants to exquisite street food, and designer boutiques to traditional handmade products sold in local markets.

To get away from the sound of a thousand motorcycles, journey west to discover the green landscapes and sleepy towns along the Mekong Delta to experience savory delights perfect for the intrepid wanderer. If you can’t get enough of nature’s splendor, head to Phu Quoc Island, where you will be surrounded by turquoise waters and a beautiful underwater ecosystem.

Vietnam has everything you would want in a holiday destination. Experience authentic Vietnamese culture as you explore and discover the most enlivening and enriching country you will visit in the region.

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