Halong Bay

Halong Bay – it’s like nowhere else on earth

You remember those visions of a coastal Asia that you see in your dreams and on TV; those traditional junk cruises that sail through tantalizing sunsets that wrap their red fingers around towering rock formations? Ha Long Bay helps you relive those dream-like moments!

The bay is one of the world’s ‘natural wonders’, and a definite must-see for any tourist heading north of Vietnam, the bay has more than 1,000 magnificent limestone karst formations and islands in different sizes.

The modernization of the bay area has gone hand in hand with its environmental awareness. As a UNESCO Heritage Site the country follows strict rules for conservation. The bay is home to various ecosystems that include offshore reefs, freshwater swamp forests, beaches, freshwater lakes, and mangrove forests.

Mythology says that dragons descended from heaven to help locals. The dragons spat jade and jewels into the sea that formed a natural protection against attackers — the islands that you see nowadays. Many of these islands have magnificent caves and grottos that you can explore during a tour.

Throughout the year overnight cruises allow you to snorkel, sunbathe, and swim as long as season and weather permits. Visit caves, remote islets, bays, and lagoons as you enjoy top amenities and services aboard a junk cruise.

Environmental Efforts in Halong Bay

Efforts are being pushed to minimize the adverse effects on the environment along the bay. While the number of cruises has increased, the pollution in some parts (especially around the ports) is a cause for concern. But Ha Long Bay’s iconic beauty is still a must-visit on any trip to Vietnam.

Sailing the water of Halong Bay in style

Traveling the 170km distance from Hanoi to the port, you can board one of the many cruise ships sailing Ha Long Bay. Throughout the years, we have formed strong bonds with many junk cruise operators in Ha Long Bay and can provide you with a wide range of ships to suit your preferences and budget. Cruising options on the bay include private junks, traditional junks, deluxe junks, or the deluxe Colonial Emeraude Cruise.
Each cruise has its benefits; the Emeraude takes a more off-the-beaten path course compared to other junks, although due to its size it cannot access small harbors and bays that smaller boats can. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you get exemplary food, an attentive crew, and an unforgettable backdrop. Cabins are all en suite and equipped with modern comforts. Aboard the deluxe junks, you can upgrade to a cabin that has its own balcony, which makes for a perfect spot to sip coffee.
The day normally starts early while the sun rises, lighting up the beautiful landscape. Breakfast is served while the skipper sets the itinerary. Much of the pleasure is just enjoying the magnificent views from the cabin or the deck, however the cruise will make stops which let guests explore caves and hike up vantage points for breathtaking views of the bay.
Dinner and lunch are social occasions as you join other guests in the restaurant. Food is aplenty and if you enjoy seafood then you are in for a treat! All meal specifications are catered to upon request. There is a small bar for those who want to enjoy a few drinks.

What to do

Choose one of luxury junk boats to justify such scenery with style and local character
Visit the wildlife rich Cat Ba Island
Experience the fascinating rock formations at the Cave of Wonders

When to go

April to October are the best months for warmer weather allowing you to swim and sit out on deck in the evening.